Marfan Syndrome
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Welcome to the Western Washington State Marfan Syndrome Foundation.  The state is divided naturally into Eastern and Western sections, with the mountains as the dividing line.  The Foundation has divided along these lines as well, for ease of communication.



Our Mission

We hope to provide information, contacts, and support for persons and families in Washington State who are dealing with Marfan Syndrome.



Contact Information

Our mailing list is kept by Joan Moritz. You can write her at jzmoritz at She will add you to the list, and you will be informed of news stories, potlucks, and items of local interest.  She lives in Seattle, and will be able to refer you to someone there for questions.

I am Sally Tomson: stomson98003 at  I live in Federal Way. Telephone  253-941-2523

We are very lucky in this area to be near University Hospital. 4245 Roosevelt Way NE Seattle (206)548-3300

On staff Dr. Peter Byers specializes in Marfan syndrome, and sees patients through the genetics clinic.  Even when he is not available, the genetics clinic there is on top of things. They can be reached through  UWMC's Medical Specialties Center at (206) 598-4615 for more information.

The National Marfan Foundation provides excellent information and Jeanette Navia's wonderful Marfan Life Website is so complete that the question we get most often is where to start locally - Diagnosis, treatment, and Marfan-familiar doctors.

Local Doctors:

The National Marfan Foundation does not endorse any specific doctor or facility.   This is a list of doctors who are recommended by patients with Marfan Syndrome.

Cardiac Surgeons

Chief, Dept of Cardiac Surgery 
Cardiothoracic Surgery
Surgical Specialties Clinic 
University of Washington Medical Center 
1959 NE Pacific St 
Seattle WA 98195-6165 


Cardiology Specialist 
Cardiology Diagnostic Center 
University of Washington Medical Center 
1959 NE Pacific St 
Seattle WA 98195-6043 

Dr. Art Resnick
Seattle Group Health

Dr. Stanley J Stamm
Children's Hospital 
4800 Sand Point Way NE
Seattle, WA 98105 
Phone: 206-526-2276 

Genetic Counselor


University of Washington Medical Center

Medical Genetics

Box 357720

1959 North East Pacific Street

Seattle Washington 98195


Genetic Counselor: Robin Bennett

Genetic Specialists 

Dr. Peter Byers
University Hospital
4245 Roosevelt Way NE
Seattle, WA 98105


Dr. Brian R Mckillop 
1101 Madison St 600
Seattle, WA 98104 
Phone: 206-215-2020 

Orthopedic Specialists

Dr. Marr P. Mullen 
1600 E Jefferson St
Seattle, WA 98122 
Phone: 206-323-1900