Blue Moon Guirmere
Working Border Collies

Litter Plans


Breeder of dogs earning
26 Agility Championship titles, 1 Grand Ch Ag, 2 World Championship titles. 
14 ANKC National Champions and 8 Reserve National Ch at the past 4 ANKC Agility Nationals.
  6 ADAA National Agility Champions,
23 other event Champions, multiple USDAA top 10's,
multiple Grand Prix and Steeplechase qualifier wins and RQH wins, 8 State Champions, 7 State
Champion Dog of the Year
and dogs earning over 400 titles in herding, obedience and agility.

Proven working ISDS bloodlines.
Hips, DNA CEA CL TNS, health history.
History of excellence in agility and other dog sports.
Since 1992

ABCA Lifetime Member
ISDS Member
Dogs NSW Member 2100032932

As the name Blue Moon implies, we do not breed often.
I do not take breeding lightly and consider it a privilege and responsibility.

I take great care in choosing the homes for our puppies
and our litters are usually reserved in advance of breeding.

I only place into companion homes. Active homes that
do sheep work, agility or other activities are best suited.

  Top quality imported ISDS and ABCA pure working sheep dog bloodlines.
Pups are microchiped, wormed and vaccinated prior to placement.

Stable temperament, affectionate, human oriented and
interactive personalities are a priority.

Our parents (and most of our offspring) are screened for hip disorders.

All parents are DNA tested for CEA TNS and IGS so that no pup can be affected.

COI (the amount of inbreeding) is kept to very low-out cross levels,
we aim for less then 1% in 6 generations.

Great care is taken socializing our pups, they live in the house and are

exposed to a variety of positive experiences as they mature.

All owners must stay in contact for the life of the dog.

All Guirmere Blue Moon puppies are placed on limited registration
and desexed contract, no breeding is allowed
and never has been.

Guirmere Redley  6 months old
Carmen van der Merwe

We encourage all those considering adding a pup to their family
 to use caution. Become educated about the breed, about good
breeding practice and avoid making impulsive decisions.

Guirmere Sota  In training!
Owner Caroline Bentley

Bluemoon Kellys
Owner Elizabeth Simkus

Litter planned for approx  Sept-Nov 2018


Comebyanaway Reddy Dhu Stig  X  Guirmere  BluemoonToo


Hips AVA pre 6 = OFA Good /International A

Hips AVA 7  = OFA Good/International A

Very low inbreeding level
COI 6 generations 0.10%
COI 10 generations 1.17%
COI 15 generations 5.75%
COI all generations back to 1906  6.88%

ANKC & ISDS registered parents

Internationally proven performance pedigree


Pups should be athletic, small to med in size, strong drive,
nice structure with medium back and nice length of leg.
Pups should have strong pigment on nose and eye rims.
Expecting black and white, merle and possible chocolate.

  One reservation spot left , then waiting list.
Please contact for more information.

We also have a second litter planned for 2018.

Complete information to be announced later.

Please contact for information now if you would like to get on a waiting list. 


02 6945 4110


Blue Moon Guirmere Working Border Collies