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Working Border Collies

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The Border Collie for hundreds of years has been bred to work stock.
Even though many new venues now enjoy the presence of this most incredible dog,
we must not forget its ancestry, and strive to do all things which maintain the
world's greatest sheep dog.


Blue Moon Farm

Our dogs are required to regularly assist with all duties.
The terrain of our farm includes open pasture and hillside with
rocky outcrops, natural and improved pasture and some brush.
Our larger paddock require outruns of over 800 yards and many
situations lead to out of sight work.  All leading to a variety of 
challenging conditions that test the dogs abilities.
With out the help of our dogs I would be lost.

We raise Dorper sheep for meat.
Our ewes are run with their tails on,

all are self shedding.

Our lambs go to local butchers

and private parties.

Deb Kelly


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Pep's grandfather Bingo
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