Byanaway Stig
Comebyanaway Reddy Dhu Stig

Imported UK
ISDS and ANKC registered

DNA CEA Normal
DNA SN Normal
DNA TNS Normal
DNA IGS Normal
DNA CL Normal
DNA DM Normal
DNA PLL Normal
DNA MDR1 Normal
DNA CLCN1 Normal
DNA vW2 Normal
DNA Follicular Dysplasia Normal

Hips prelim 2-2

Coefficient of inbreeding
6 generations:  0.39%
10 generations: 
All generations back to 1906: 
Very low inbreeding level

Black and White
Rough Coat

This beautiful outgoing smart pup was bred by
Byanaway ISDS/Comebyanaway KC kennels in the UK.

Stig has proven to be an excellent sire.
His pups have excelled in agility and sheepwork.
Excellent health records on his pups.

Stig's Parents

Red                            Will
 Hips BVA 5-6                      Hips BVA 4-5
 DNA CEA Normal                DNA CEA Normal

Stig is working ISDS bloodlines.
Stig's sire Will has trialed successfully in ISDS, winning overall 2010
Champion at the Eggleston Show Sheep Dog Trial. He is also a
working farm dog and competes in agility at the highest levels.


Stig's sire Will.

Stig's dam Red has an excellent pedigree of ISDS trial and working dogs.
She has trialed successfully in agility at G6-7 level and has also worked in
  the TV industry. Most recently in the BBC show 'Who Let the Dogs Out'.

Red can be seen doing a bit of agility as the second dog on this video
Red Agility

Stig's dam Red

Stig's grandsire Amos and great grandsire Dug were the 2002 English National
Brace Champions. Stig's pedigree also contains 1990 Scottish National Champion
Glen, 1998 Welsh National Champion Lad, 1991 Welsh National Champion Black,
1984 English National Champion Moss among many other high placing trial dogs.

Dug and Amos 2002 English National Brace

Both Stig's sire and dam have produced some notable agility dogs trialing at
the international level competing under the Comebyanaway prefix.
Will has also sired litters under the Campbells prefix and under the
Nedlo 'What' and Nedlo 'Strictly' prefix.

Stig will be doing sheepwork at Blue Moon. Duke is getting older and it is
our hope Stig will take over as our main work dog in a few years as he matures.
More importantly Stig will be my constant companion and best friend!

Some videos of Stig growing up.

Stig at 5 months with Meg

Stig in the pool!

Stig on sheep for the first time!
6 months old

Stig the Nutter!


Dhu Stigletto
Tall, dark and handsome!


Stig the sheepdog!
I am loving working Stig! What fun!
He is so stylish and has great feel for his sheep.
Very keen too!



Stig at work

Sept 2013
Sota and Rook with their dad Stig

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