Bond is registered with ABCA (American Border Collie Association)
Offspring accepted by ISDS
DOB Oct 24 2010
Imported ISDS and Australian working bloodlines
DNA CL Normal
DNA TNS Normal
DNA SN Normal
DNA CEA Carrier
Hips AVA 3 = OFA Excellent/International A1
Elbows screened as excellent by Vet Ortho
  535mm/21"tall, med bone, very athletic
Red/chocolate, semi rough coat
Both of Bonds parents are full time working stock dogs, sheep and cattle.

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The Ginger Song

My very handsome young man!

Bond and friends!

Leap for joy!

Fade right

Having a good sniff....

Load up! What a good boy.

12 months old

I have lightly started Bond on sheep now. He is coming along really very nicely!

He has natural balance, rates himself pretty well for such a young dog,
 is even both ways and gives nice square flanks. He is going to have a natural
pear shaped big outrun, I also like the way he is tucking in the sides.
He is also tolerating the training very well. I think he is ready now for real training.

Today I took him to a friends and he worked well for him too. Next week
I plan to get his final hip check and then will send him off for more training with my friend.
He will get to do do real ranch work and get the hours he needs to become a truly useful stock dog.

Well best laid plans, Bond never did get to have a few weeks training with my friend due to the rain.

Week 2 of training
I started Bond's training in earnest over the last 10 days. He is about 14-15 months old now.
I have been working him every other day. He is progressing well. He is already doing small outruns of about 80 meters,
perhaps a bit tight but will leave that alone for the moment as I think he will widen out all by himself as he progresses.
He is flanking well both ways and learning his side commands. Stop is becoming reliable.
He needs encouragement to walk on to his sheep and push, I have been working on holding him in fetch position
and not allowing any wearing or flanking and asking him to walk straight on to his sheep and push,
he is improving.
He is a quick learner and tries very hard to do what you want. He is not foolish, even if put into a situation well above
his training level, he still sorts things out without being silly. I really like that in a dog and it is so important for
the type of work he will do on the property. I am enjoying working him very much, he is a good boy!

However I need lessons on how to use this head cam!

Moving up to the 'big' time,
well sort of...
Decided to give Bond a new experience to break things up a bit.
We went out to the big field and worked a bigger flock for the first time, I would say around 50 dorper ewes.
I was so very happy with how he did. He stayed calm, covered the larger flock very well and kept them moving forward.
I even got a little assisted drive with him, was very please to see him push forward on to the sheep so assuredly,
pushing them snugly into a corner. He then lifted them out of the corner without problems.
I had a big smile on my face as we left the paddock and so did Bond!

Again the head cam seems to not catch a lot of the work, not sure what I need to do to improve this.
I took 6 min of film and less then 1.5 min caught the dog on screen.

Just an little up date, no video.
Been a busy last few weeks. We were stranded to the property for a few days
as the flood passed below us through the town. Then Bond had to do a days real work.
Bringing in the lambs from the top paddock, which is a difficult paddock to work due to rocky
outcrops and grass over 3 feet tall. Over all he did a great job, he hunted them out and got them all
down to the yards. He even was pretty good in the yards with loading the lambs into the truck.
Off they went to the sale, and Bond had done just about everything I needed!

Over the next week or so we did a fair amount of shifting the ewes from one paddock to another.
His outrun is really improving, he is very comfortable at about 150 meters and you can see him adjusting his
position on his way up the field to come in just right at the top. As I suspected he did not need to be pushed
out on his outrun, it is now a classic pear shape. He is also covering a flock of about 80 ewes on the fetch
by himself and I am impressed with how he tucks in the sides so naturally. He has gone about 250 meters,
the outrun was good but he pushed a bit too hard on the fetch until he got at about 125 meters and then
he settled. I am confident he will do the distances I need, he just needs more time and more work!

I really could not be happier with Bond, I cannot believe how fast he is coming along with his work!
How lucky am I to have such a naturally talented working dog, a great friend
and a really handsome dog too!


Took Bond to a friends property. He was pretty excited and lost a bit of his form.
I was glad to see him giving some ground behind the sheep, though his lift
could have been better. I was please and hope to get him to another property
in the next week or 2. He is a good boy.


I really love working Bond, this is what it is all about!

The outrun

The lift

The fetch

The flank

The drive

Job done


Silent Gather
500 meters, no commands

July 2013

Once you've gone Ging..... you can't go back!

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