Imported ISDS and ABCA working bloodlines

Breeder of ISDS, ABCA or ANKC registered dogs

Bluemoon Guirmere dogs and their owners have earned
26 Agility Championship titles, 1 Grand Ch Ag, 2 World Championship titles. 
14 ANKC National Champions and 8 Reserve National Ch at the past 4 ANKC Agility Nationals.
  6ADAA National Agility Champions,
23 other event Champions, multiple USDAA top 10's,
multiple Grand Prix and Steeplechase qualifier wins and RQH wins, 
9 State Champions, 7 State
Champion Dog of the Year
and dogs earning over 400 titles in herding, obedience and agility!

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Bluemoon Guirmere 2010 ANKC Agility Nationals Results

Bluemoon Guirmere 2012 ANKC Agility Nationals Results

News, Videos and Events!!

Elizabeth Simkus and Guirmere Penni
Earn their AD title in style with 3 first place runs!


Guirmere Top Gear
1  year
Loved by Tracy Paul

Gear at work!


Ona Ginge Binge!
7 months


Gin 5.3 months
Playing with her toy


Gin 5 months old
First time on sheep!


Guirmere Top Gear
Tracy Paul, USA


Bluemoon's  Ginge

Ginge's Blog

Guirmere Rook
13 months old

Guirmere Sota

Guirmere Rock
12 months old
(Cait X Stig)


Guirmere Top Gear
(Meg X Stig)

Tracy Paul


Dhu Stig


Lady Wren at work!


Guirmere Sota!


Rookie Roo!!


Denise Crook and Guirmere Trek
2013 QLD State Excellent Jumpers Champion (600)


Guirmere Splash!
(Meg X Stig)

Loved by Penelope Lloyd


Guirmere Sota
9 months


Silent Gather
500 meters no commands

Guirmere Rook
8 months old


Congratulations to....

Denise and Guirmere Bluemoon Trek

2013 ADAA Maxi All Round National Champion!
2013 ADAA Intermediate Maxi National Champion!
2012 ADAA Nationals Snooker Runner Up!

Guirmere Kwyk/Maria won the 2013 ADAA National Midi Championship.


A huge congratulations to
Cathy Snook and AGCH Guirmere Snazzy
for gaining their Agility Championship!!!!


Jess and Bowie
The little speed demon!
6 months old


The Amazing
Penny Spencer and Guirmere Badger!
6 months old


Guirmere Tric
(Meg X Stig)

Loved by Renee Patten


Tom and Guirmere Brynn win
2013 WA State Masters Jumpers Champion!


A lovely Masters Agility run by
Cathy and Guirmere Snazzy


Guirmere Bluemoon Keen
6 months old

Maria Thiry


Bluemoon Ray and Bluemoon Penni
18 months old at their first agility trial!

Loved and trained by Elizabeth Simkus



20 weeks
Rook's start on sheep.
With Allen who she had never met before.
At Allen's property where she had never been before.
With Allen's dog helping out, who she had never met before.
Not a big ask at all for my little girl!  LOL


Guirmere Will
15 wks old
(Stig X Cait)

Loved by Kyley Condor


Guirmere Swift
(Stig X Gem)

Loved by Dennis Phomsouvanh


Jess Harmsworth's
Guirmere Bluemoon Bowie

(Sitg X Cait litter)


Guirmere Bluemoon Pup Party!
Video by Caroline Bentley


Guiremere Bluemoon Keen
(Stig X Gem)

Maria Thiry

Guirmere Bluemoon Rook

Rook learning to swim


AgCH Guirmere Jazz

Geraldine Kisielnicki
Photo by Jenni Milner (see more great photos)


Guirmere Bluemoon Gem
and her son Guirmere Bluemoon Keen

Guirmere Bluemoon Sota
12 wks old

Caroline Bentley

See Sota's Blog

Bluemoon Guirmere Rook
12 wks old

Rook with Wren and her dad
New years day 2013

Rook with her Grandad Chip and Bond


Bluemoon Ray and Bluemoon Penni

Elizabeth Simkus

A brag from me on Cathy and Snazzy!

They are certainly on a roll!

 Cathy and Snazzy have had a whole bunch of great runs
over the last few weeks/months/this past year!
Many many wins in Masters and Open, Jumpers and Agility!
I also think I see Snazzy at the top of the Auzlink heap for 2012!!!
Super job and congratulations Cathy and Snazzy!!!!


Bluemoon Guirmere Swift

Loved by
Dennis Phomsouvanh

Guirmere TC
2012 South Australian Novice Agility Dog of the Year!
2012 South Australian Open Jumping Dog of the Year!

A huge congratulations to Mel Green!


Guirmere Bluemoon Trek AAD JD GD

2012 ANKC National 600 Novice Jumpers Champion

Planning for Trek to sire a litter in 2015 is underway!
See Planned Litters page for more information
Loved and trained by Denise Crook


Guirmere Blue Moon Trek
at his first GrandPrix,  wins Open Agility!

Denise Crook


Congratulations to
Geraldine and
AgCh Guirmere Jazz
2012 Melbourne Royal Fastest Jumping Dog!


MACH-2 ADCH Guirmere On the Edge

Chris Hill


A huge congratulations to
Geraldine and AgCh Guirmere Jazz
2012 Victoria Top Jumping Dog!



Doing what Bond does best!


Stig the sheepdog!

See more new photos of Stig at the bottom of his blog!

Guirmere Bluemoon Neala
Earns her JDX title with 2 first places!

Maira Thiry


Comebyanaway Reddy Dhu Stig

Dhu Stigletto
Tall, Dark and Handsome!

Stig's Blog



Bond's Blog


It's Wren

Wren's Blog


July 7th......Brrrr!


Congratulations to....

2012 QLD State Excellent Jumpers Champion 500 Guirmere
Bluemoon Twist and Annette!

2012 QLD State Excellent Agility Champion 400 Guirmere Bluemoon Gem and Gordon!

2012 QLD State Masters Strategic Pairs 500 Champion Guirmere Flash Point and Annette!

2012 QLD State Novice Gamblers 600 Champion Guirmere Bluemoon Trek and Denise!

Guirmere Kwyk and Maria for earning their JDM title with another 1st place win!

Congratulations to all the
Bluemoon Guirmere owners and their dogs
who participated in the 2012 ANKC Agility Nationals!!!!

Introducing 5 new ANKC National Champions!!

2012 ANKC National Novice Jumpers 400 Champion
Guirmere Bluemoon Gem and Gordon!

2012 ANKC National Novice Agility 400 Champion
Guirmere Bluemoon Gem and Gordon!

2012 ANKC National Novice Jumpers 600 Champion

Guirmere Bluemoon Trek and Denise!

2012 ANKC National Masters Snooker 500 Champion
Guirmere Kwyk and Maria!

2012 ANKC National Masters Pairs 500 Champion
Trim and Vickie!

See more photos, video and complete results at
Bluemoon Guirmere at the 2012 ANKC Agility Nationals Results

Wren is 12 months old!
Happy Birthday Wren!

Wren's hips were screened as Excellent!

Guirmere Della goes Platinum!

ADCH-Platinum MACH
Guirmere Della

Tournament Champion-Platinum
Masters Jumpers Champion-Platinum
Masters Snooker Champion-Platinum
Standard Champion-Platinum
Gamble Champion-Platinum
Relay Champion-Platinum
Life Time Achievement Silver
22" Grandprix Winner SMART 4/06
22" Steeplechase Winner WVDS 2/07
22" Grandprix Winner Happy Dog 5/07
8th Indiv. Team Standard 2006 Cynosport World Games
3rd Indiv. Team Snooker 2007 Cynosport World Games
USDAA 6th place for Lifetime Top 10 Jumpers 22"

Renee Weider


Guirmere Snazzy

at the
WA State Agility Championship

1st place Master Agility round 1
2nd Place Master Jumpers round 1
1st Place Open Agility round 1
1st Place Master Agility round 2
1st Place Master Jumpers round 2
1st Place Open Jumpers round 2

A huge congratulations to Cathy Snook, well done!


Morning Run at Blue Moon

Guirmere Trim
2011 NSW Agility Dog of the Year


Guirmere Deuce AGDC 

Owned by Yvonne Babij


Super Brag!!
Geraldine and AgCh Guirmere Jazz
2011 Victoria State Champion Masters Agility Dog of the Year!
2011 Victoria State Champion Masters Jumping Dog of the Year!
1st place Victoria State Top Dog Agility Finals!

Jazz with all her winnings!


AAC Guirmere Kwyk and Maria Thiry
are the
2011 ADAA National All Round Champions!!
and the
2011 ADAA National Midi Agility Champions!!
2011 ADAA National Midi Gamblers Champions!!

AAC Guirmere Flash and Denise Crook

2011 ADAA National All Round Champion Runner Up!!
2011 ADAA National Midi Gamblers Champion Runner Up!!


ATChC Guirmere Denim EXG Silver MSCDC

Congratulations to Denim and Yvonne
for earning their Canadian Agility Championship!
Denim is only 2 year 11 months old!!!

AGCH Guirmere Jazz!
Geraldine and Jazz earned their Agility Championship!!

Earned at 3.5 years of age!

Geraldine and Jazz have had an incrediable year!

First by winning the
2010 ANKC Nationals Masters Agility Championship 500

Then earning their ANKC Agility Championship
.....and then
one week later earning Victoria State Agility Championship!

2010 Victoria State Agility Champion
AGCH Guirmere Jazz!

Super job and congratulations to Geraldine and Jazz!!!!

Imported ISDS and ABCA working border collie bloodlines.
Breeder of working and performance border collies,
excelling in Agility and Sheepwork.