Beginning the Process

Organization is the key to finding the home you want while spending the least amount of time and energy. Find out how much house you can afford. Do this before you go house-hunting. I can refer you to a loan officer, who can help you determine how much of a down payment you can afford, along with a monthly payment you can handle.

Make a list of everything you want in a home. Is a master suite important? How many bathrooms? What about storage space? Do you need a yard for the kids to play in? How about a fireplace of a view? Do you prefer a rambler or multiple-story house? Are schools or access to transportation options important? Separate the essentials from the items you could do without and put them on the 'A' list. Prioritize the rest of the items into a second and third list in order of importance. We'll then go over that list so I am very clear on what you want and need in your new home.

Keep good notes as we look at homes. After awhile, it becomes difficult to remember which features belong to what home. Some buyers make audio tapes as they go along. When selecting a home, look beyond cosmetics. Make sure the home is in good physical condition and that you understand the cost of repairs. For more information on how to access the home's condition, refer to the Home Inspection information on this web site.

As your real estate broker, I'll check with you regularly, even if you haven't found a house that suits your needs. Keeping in contact with you allows us to establish a good rapport, and helps me to learn how to help you effectively. I'll continue to be on the lookout for homes that suit your needs.

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